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Extra Life 2018

Hello, again!

To date, I've played over 128 hours of video games to raise a combined total of $1,793.63 for Children's Specialized Hospital. And I'm proud to be back for Extra Life 2018!

Thank you for being interested in Extra Life and what I've got planned.

I couldn't have done it without you then, and this year is no different. Please, if you can, help me help you help kids!

Donate Now

So, wait, what's Extra Life?

Extra Life is a 24-hour video game marathon that raises money to help sick kids. But we need your help.

Me? How can I help?

The quickest way is to click here and make a donation to the Children's Specialized Hospital. (It's tax-deductible!) My personal goal this year is to raise $100 before the end of my 24 hour marathon, and I'd appreciate any help you can give those kids.

I'll be enjoying games and mild discomfort for a whole weekend for a great cause, and you get to feel like a hero - it's win/win.

Is there anything else I can do?

Of course. You can share the link to my donation page via social media, tell your friends and family about Extra Life, or cheer me on during the marathon.

I'm thankful for anything you can do to raise awareness for this awesome cause. And I really appreciate everyone that helps me keep going with this every year, because it's way more difficult than it looks. (Especially after 4am...)

When is it?

It is Saturday, November 17th. I'll be starting my marathon at 8am Eastern Time, playing for 24 hours straight, until Sunday at 8am. But you can donate whenever between now and the end of that weekend.

Will you do anything if I donate?

Uh, yeah! If you make a donation, I'll thank you on the stream and via Facebook and Twitter during the marathon (if you want). And if you like, you can make requests for me to do something special for you during or after the marathon.

I've got 24 hours to fill, and as I proved in the previous years, I'll do pretty much anything within my power to help (or make you laugh).

One last question - how can I follow along?

Like last year, I'll be streaming most of my marathon on Twitch and Mixer, with interludes of Google Hangout (viewed via YouTube). And you can also keep track of me throughout the day on Twitter and Instagram, where I'll be sharing updates about my progress.

So, please, if you can, make a donation to Extra Life and help me help you help some sick kids.

And thank you, thank you, for helping me help you help sick kids. It's an honor.

And lastly, thank you to everyone that made last year special, including Kelsey Young, Dave Mathis, Bobgar Ornelas, Dave Jordan, Greg Pilling, Mike Slavin, Aileen and Chris Reilly, Ryan Closs, Shannon Valdes, Robert Hafferman, Therese Guerin, Harry Moyer, Devin Bruce, Darcy Yusuf, C Kevin Porter, Lauren Nagle, Andrew Sanford, Mel Marrero, Demps, Ali Colluccio, Joanna Amador, Hoi Yuk and Brandon Griffin, Tim, Natasha Alterici, Rich Johannsen, and Christopher Walsh.

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